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New Penalty Shootout- NEW
Approximate size: Phone for size
Suitable for: Children & Adults
Hire price: From £150.00

This item is larger and more visually impressive than our previous Penalty Shootout. This New Penalty Shootout is perfect for your football themed events.


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Penalty Shootout
Approximate size: 10'w x 20'd x 8'h
Suitable for: Children & Adults
Hire price: From £75.00

The object of this event is to score as many points as possible, by kicking the footballs through the scoring holes. Generally each player is allowed five attempts to achieve the maximum score.

Football Speed Shoot
Approximate size: 8' x 7'
Suitable for: Children & Adults
Hire price: From £100.00

See how fast you can kick the ball against your opponent and score a goal. The electronic radar at the back of the goal measures the speed at which the ball is approaching and display on the LED at the rear. If you get bored with the game, the radar makes for great fun trapping motorists! Flourescent jackets optional...

Human Table Football
Approximate size: 24’w x 46’d x 10’h
Suitable for: Children & Adults
Hire price: From £300.00

This game, played within an inflatable football pitch consists of five players per side. Each player wears a waist harness which is then in turn connected to the sliding poles that run across the middle of the pitch. The players also put their hands into straps on the poles so as to enable them to move only from left to right. Each team would have one goalie, two defenders and two strikers. the fun aspect of this game is that the players cannot move forward or back so team work is a must in this game!


All sizes for the inflatable's given are approximate and should not be
taken as being the maximum unit dimensions. Corporatefun will not be
held responsible for the delivery of a unit that will not fit the site.
You will still be charged for the hire so please check the size of your site area.

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